OneNote files location

by admin on April 16, 2012

The notes we capture in Microsoft OneNote application is stored in files. These files are stored in the user’s Documents folder. The exact location is:

C:\users\loginid\Documents\OneNote Notebooks

In the above folder,you can find a separate folder for each notebook you have.  Each of the note book folders will have a file (with the extension .one) for each of the sections in the notebook.

How to change OneNote files location?

  • In OneNote 2010, we can change the files location by doing the following.
  • Open File menu. Select Options.
  • Click on ‘Save & Backup‘ tab. Here you can configure options for saving and backing up OneNote files.
  • select ‘Default Notebook Location‘ under Save. Click on Modify button and set your desired folder as the new location.

Changing onenote files location

  • Click on OK and close the options window.
  • From now onwards, every note book you create will be stored in the new location. The old note book files will still be in the old location.

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