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OneNote files location

The notes we capture in Microsoft OneNote application is stored in files. These files are stored in the user’s Documents folder. The exact location is:

C:\users\loginid\Documents\OneNote Notebooks

In the above folder,you can find a separate folder for each notebook you have.  Each of the note book folders will have a file (with the extension .one) for each of the sections in the notebook.

How to change OneNote files location?

  • In OneNote 2010, we can change the files location by doing the following.
  • Open File menu. Select Options.
  • Click on ‘Save & Backup‘ tab. Here you can configure options for saving and backing up OneNote files.
  • select ‘Default Notebook Location‘ under Save. Click on Modify button and set your desired folder as the new location.

Changing onenote files location

  • Click on OK and close the options window.
  • From now onwards, every note book you create will be stored in the new location. The old note book files will still be in the old location.

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