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We can log on to a Windows 7 computer with a finger swipe. The only thing you need to have on your laptop is a fingerprint scanning biometric device.  In this post we take you through how to configure finger print logon and the related settings for it. 1. First check if you have a […]


Windows 7 recycle bin settings

by admin on May 14, 2012

In Windows, when we delete a file, it’s actually moved to recycle bin instead of really being deleted from the disk. This provides a safe backup if we have deleted a file accidentally. This post tries to answer some frequently asked questions about recycle bin.  When I delete a file, it’s getting deleted immediately. I […]

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I am using Windows 8 consumer preview edition. One thing that surprised me is, the default behavior when we try to a delete a file/folder. In Windows 7 and its predecessors, the next thing that happens when you press ‘delete‘ key is, you get a dialog box asking for confirmation if you would really want […]

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How to turn on/off firewall in Windows 7

by admin on February 4, 2012

In Windows 7, firewall can be turned on/off as described below. Open ‘Windows Firewall‘ by running the command ‘firewall.cpl‘ from Run. In the list of links displayed on the left side pane, select ‘Turn Windows firewall on or off‘ In the next window, you can configure firewall for each network separately. To enable firewall for […]


Hibernate option missing in XP shutdown menu

by admin on November 7, 2010

Hibernate feature allows us to save the current session when we are going to switch off the computer. We can start with the same state of the session when we switch on the computer again. On Windows XP you can hibernate a computer by clicking on the shutdown menu and then selecting ‘hibernate‘ option from […]


Normally when we press power button the computer gets shut down. We can change this default behavior and configure the computer to hibernate or standby whenever one presses the power button. This can be done as per the following steps. Open Control Panel from Start Menu If the items are displayed in category mode, click […]