Remote Desktop

Remote desktop connection manager is a utility that provides docking console for remote desktop connections. If you use remote desktop feature to connect to multiple computers then this would be very useful for you.  You can create connection settings for the remote computers and you can just open the TS connection with a single click […]


Remote desktop Terminal Services How to

by admin on November 14, 2010

Remote desktop is one of the popular features of Windows OS. It allows users to connect to a remote machine and perform all tasks that can be done on a local computer. Below are some frequently asked questions about Remote desktop.What is terminal services?Terminal services is just another name for remote desktop but it’s mostly […]

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When we connect to a remote computer using Remote desktop application, it stores the remote PC name and the login user name. And whenever we open remote desktop application again, it suggests the names of the computers that the user has previously connected to. This TS sessions history is stored per user and a user […]


Can not Start Terminal Services

by admin on October 31, 2010

Termnial Services service enables users to connect to the computer remotely from some other PC. If this service is not running you can not set up remote desktop connection and you can’t even configure RDP settings in My computer properties. You can start the service from Service management console. Starting Terminal Services may fail and […]


Remote tab missing in Computer properties

by admin on October 31, 2010

If you open My computer properties(which is also called System Properties), you can see various tabs on the top where you can configure different settings of your computer. One of the tabs is named ‘Remote’ where you can configure if users can do remote desktop connection (RDP) to this computer or not. We can also […]


How to enable remote desktop

by admin on August 12, 2010

Remote desktop allows users to login to a remote computer. In default installation setup, Remote desktop feature is not enabled in Windows. You need to configure the settings to enable this feature. Windows XP / Windows Server 2003: On Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, remote desktop can be enabled in the following way. Click […]