Microsoft Download Manager

by admin on May 16, 2012

Microsoft download manager is not a well known product among Windows users but it’s very useful one. This allows one to download large sized files even with network interruptions. It automatically resumes the download when the network is back up. You can also manually pause and resume the download whenever you want to. Download Microsoft […]


Install .NET Framework latest version

by admin on September 17, 2011

The latest version of .NET Framework i.e version 4.0 can be downloaded from the below link. Download .NET framework 4.0 Web Installer The web installer is a exe file with 869 KB size. When you run the exe on your system, it will  download the required files from Microsoft portal and install them on your […]


Microsoft Office 2010 Free Trial

by admin on July 31, 2011

Microsoft Office Home and Business Edition is available for free trial for 60 days. This trial package can be downloaded from the below link. You need to sign in with a live id to download the software. You can register for one if you don’t have. After signing in with live id, you will be […]

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Download Virtual PC

by admin on July 20, 2011

Virtual PC allows to create virtual machines with the same or different OS running on it. These virtual machines will exist and run in parallel with the host OS.  Virtual PC software can be downloaded for free from Microsoft portal. Virtual PC 2007 SP1 can be downloaded from the below location. This can be […]


Download MS SQL Server Free edition

by admin on June 9, 2011

Microsoft provides a free edition of SQL Server for training and education purposes. Free edition of SQL Server 2008 R2 can be downloaded from the below link. This edition is called SQL Server 2008 R2 RTM Express edition It has downloadable packages for all the architectures – X86, IA64 and AMD64. Additionally SQL Server […]


Windbg Download

by admin on June 22, 2010

Previously Windbg was available separately to download. But for the latest versions, Microsoft keeps it as part of Windows SDK. Please find the download links below. Windows 7: The latest version of Windbg for Windows 7 can be downloaded from the link Download winsdk_web.exe from the above link. Note that this does not download […]


Windows SteadyState 2.5 download

by admin on April 24, 2010

Windows SteadyState 2.5 can be downloaded from this location.


Download Windows Resource Kit Tools

by admin on February 8, 2010

Windows 2003 Resource kit tools can be downloaded from the below Microsoft web portal. Download and install the tools. By default, the kit will be installed in the folder C:\Program Files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools.  Though it’s named Server 2003 resource kit, the tools work on XP also.  You can install resource kit on Windows 7, […]

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XP SP2 Support Tools Download

by admin on February 6, 2010

Windows XP SP2 support tools can be downloaded from the below link. List of tools available in this kit. acldiag.exe activate.doc activate.exe addiag.exe adprop.dll adsiedit.dll adsiedit.msc apidll.dll apimon.cnt apimon.exe apimon.hlp apmstat.exe bindiff.exe bitsadmin.exe browstat.exe cabarc.exe clonegg.vbs cloneggu.vbs clonelg.vbs clonepr.dll clonepr.doc clonepr.vbs depends.cnt depends.dll depends.exe depends.hlp dfsutil.exe dhcploc.exe diruse.exe dmdiag.exe dnscmd.exe dsacls.exe dsastat.exe dskprobe.cnt dskprobe.exe […]