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Syncing firefox bookmarks sync key

Recently I had to switch to a new laptop at my workplace.  I had to return the old one before I can get the new one. I had saved all bookmarks, passwords and other preferences information to my sync account provided by Firefox.  I saved the username and password of the account and also the [...]

We can copy phone contacts, messages, photos from a Nokia basic model phone to Nokia Lumia Windows phone by doing the following steps. The steps are verified to be working for Windows 8.0 First thing you need to do is to enable Bluetooth on both the mobiles. Now perform  all the below steps on your [...]

If you want to access your OneNote notes from multiple computers, you can store them on Microsoft Skydrive. The setup is very simple, it does not any additional steps compared to storing the notes on local computer. 1. First thing you need to do is create a new note book. Click on 'File' and 'New'.  [...]

Puttycm Windows 8

PuttyCM is a multi tabbed ssh/telnet client for Windows OS. Download Putty connection manager Install the above and Windows 8 setup will automatically download the required versions of .Net Framework. When I installed it on my system, it downloaded 2.o initially and then later downloaded version 3.5 also. It requires these versions even though the [...]

I'm sharing one very useful tip for Outlook users. When you are sending an email to bigger audience, you might not want the recipients to do 'Reply all' on the email. Otherwise it might create lot of spam which the other recipients of the email would not want to receive. And surely you would not [...]

When we install Windows on a computer, the installation time is recorded in the system. We have multiple ways to find the installation date. Using Systeminfo command Run the below command from Windows command prompt. systeminfo | findstr /C:"Install Date" C:\>systeminfo | findstr /C:"Install Date" Original Install Date: 2/16/2013, 2:57:47 PM As you can see [...]

In Windows7, we can set default media player for opening video/audio files as follows. Click on Start button Search for 'set default' Click 'Set your default programs' in the search result. It displays list of programs. Among the list, select your favorite media player. Click on 'Set this program as default'. Next click on 'Choose [...]

We can disable Recent items list which shows the list of recently opened files. It can be done in the following way in Windows 7/Vista. Right click on Start button in the task bar Click Properties In the 'Start menu' tab as shown in the picture above, uncheck 'Store and display a list of recently [...]

If you want to save one of your outlook emails as a pdf file, then you can do that by following the below steps. Outlook does not have any direct feature to do this, so we use MS Word as an intermediate place holder in the conversion to pdf file. Open the email and copy [...]

Like in XP, Windows 7 also enables offline files feature for redirected folders automatically.  User's explicit action is not required to cache the files of these folders locally. This provides access to the files without any disruption even if the network in down. How to disable offline files for redirected folders in Windows 7? This [...]